5 reasons why cloud-based practice-management software is ideal for start-up law firms

Minimising your costs should be a key priority for any start-up law firm and cloud-based practice-management software can help, but the benefits don’t end there…

Practice-management software enables law firms to better manage their case and client records, billing and bookkeeping, schedules and appointments, deadlines and computer files.

“Cloud” obviously means the data is stored, managed and processed using remote servers that are hosted online, rather than a local network server based in an office or on a personal computer. Data is sent and received online, normally via a secure, encrypted connection.

So, why is cloud practice-management software ideal for law firm start-ups?

1. It can save start-up law firms lots of time and money…

It’s an obvious place to start, but when you start your own law firm and face the significant challenge of trying to establish it in your market, you must make every penny and minute count.

Practice-management software enables start-up law firms to take care of wide range of key tasks significantly quicker. This means time saved can be spent on other tasks that are critical to the survival and prosperity of your new law firm. Just think how much time could be otherwise wasted if you had to physically search for file when dealing with a case or with a client enquiry.

Successful businesses minimise their costs, while maximising their efficiency and productivity. Practice-management software offers a proven way for start-up law firms to achieve all three.

2. It can give start-up law firms greater flexibility and security…

You and others with whom you start your new law firm and any employees are likely to need to access data when they’re working remotely away from your HQ. This could be while visiting a client, travelling or commuting or simply when working from home. Having cloud-based practice-management software allows this remote access, via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It can also better enable you and others to work together by being able to access and share data more easily.

And, with robust IT security measures in place, using cloud-based practice-management software can mean your data is kept more securely, because it’s not vulnerable to theft, fire, water damage, vandalism or hardware malfunction, which it could be if stored on an office-based local network server or personal computer.

3. It can help start-up law firms to remain legally compliant…

Obviously, UK law firms are subject to many compliance requirements, including Solicitors’ Accounts Rules, as regulated by the SRA.

If you choose the right practice-management software, such compliance is largely managed for you, which can make things much simpler, quicker, cheaper and less risky. And it can also free you and others up to get on with other things.

4. It’s affordable for start-up law firms…

When most people start their own business, money is usually very tight. There are a lot of start-up expenses to take care of and it could take many months or longer before your law firm breaks even, let alone achieves the key goal of steady monthly income.

Automatic software updates are normally part of the package when you invest in practice-management software. This means someone else takes care of updates to ensure that your software remains as safe, efficient and smooth-running as possible. Your law firm doesn’t need its own in-house IT bod nor will you need to pay an external IT firm to update your practice-management software.

And because practice-management software is usually based on programmes many of us are already familiar with, expensive training isn’t necessary. Very quickly, you and your people can learn to use your law firm’s practice-management software and enjoy its full benefits. The cost-per-seat of practice-management software can prove highly attractive to start-up law firms.

5. It can be scaled as your start-up law firm grows…

Of course you will have ambitions to grow your law firm and take it to the next level after you’re better established. When start-ups develop they can outgrow many things, whether its premises, branding, team size, processes – potentially many things.

But, your practice-management software doesn’t have to be among the things your fast-developing law firm outgrows. Make the right choice and your practice-management software will help to fuel your growth and you’ll be able to easily and cost-efficiently upscale it as you become bigger and more successful. And the cost-per-seat price remains attractive.

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